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Inspire Marketing Server Specifications

  • Your servers reside in a Tier 4 data center. A Tier 4 data center is built to be completely fault tolerant and has redundancy for every component.
  • There are redundant power feeds (A & B) from 2 different power companies.
  • Each A & B circuit is backed by a battery backup in case of an interruption in power.
  • All servers have redundant power supplies on A & B power feeds so if one goes down the server stays up and functioning.
  • Both A & B power feeds are backed up by redundant diesel generators in case there is a power company outage.
  • The data center also has redundant Air Conditioning units to keep servers running at an optimum temperature.
  • All the server networks are redundant 1G, 10G and 40G speeds.
  • Our network has two redundant Firewalls / Routers to our upstream Internet provider.
  • Our upstream Internet provider has multiple redundant connections to the Internet so if one goes down, all connectivity is still operational.
  • The data center has physical security where access to the equipment is only accessible by authorized personnel.
  • The data center also has a video surveillance system to monitor visitors.
  • The data center also has redundant fire suppression systems.
  • The cloud hypervisors consist of Dell hardware, with dual socket Intel CPU’s with 48 cores and 384G of RAM.
  • The storage servers are redundant NVMe drive based systems providing the fastest storage access compared to SSD and normal spinning Hard Drives.
  • Each web server is virtualized and is set up for high availability meaning if an underlying piece of equipment crashes, the server keeps running and is migrated to another hypervisor for maximum uptime.
  • Each web server utilizing the LiteSpeed web server which is optimized for WordPress and is 3-6 faster than Apache and Nginx.
  • All virtual servers have image backups weekly.
  • All web sites utilize JetBackup to backup web sites daily.
  • All the servers run host-based firewalls and include security software to help protect again malicious traffic.

Websites Without the Pain

According to popular opinion, launching a new website is a painful undertaking. Some business owners will postpone a needed website re-design as long as possible just because they anticipate it being a long, time-consuming, and frustrating process. The fact is that it does not have to be. We can complete most of our website projects in 8 to 12 weeks (about 3 months) with a minimal amount of effort from our clients. We have a defined process that we utilize to produce a quality website that reflects our clients’ brand and communicates their message in the agreed upon timeframe. To read more about the advantages of working with us, please visit our About page.

Don’t Have a Website?

In this day and age, not having a website is simply not an option. If you want your business to succeed, you must make sure that customers and prospects can find you online. We have website options for all types and sizes of businesses. Our projects can range from $2,500 to $15,000 and beyond. It all depends on what is right for your business and what goals you want to achieve.

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