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Consistent Social Media Management Part 2

We previously looked at the importance of consistency in social media marketing.  Our last blog explained how being consistent in various ways can help you to accomplish the goals that you have. One important aspect of consistency is being consistent in your message. ...

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Now Is the Time for Online Sales

Coronavirus has certainly changed life in many ways.  Our days now seem to focus on washing our hands, keeping our distance, and making sure that we have enough milk, bread, and toilet paper for another day.  But what about all the businesses out there that still have...

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Eight Important Books for Business Owners

As the world changes almost daily in our attempts to contain the coronavirus, you may find yourself with more free time than usual. If you'd like to spend some of that time reading, we have some recommendations for important books for business owners. The 7 Habits of...

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Should You Be Choosing to Chat?

A chat window for your website is a big step. It represents a move towards modernization, adapts to the way your clients most like to communicate, and shows that you are a company with a mind for service. However, chat windows can also present a danger if not properly...

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Why We Choose WordPress…And You Should Too!

By Brad Murray At Inspire Marketing, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. However, when we find something that works, we will use it.  And when we find something that continues to demonstrate its superiority to alternative solutions, we will stick with it and...

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Five Keys to Increasing Website Engagement

By Wade Danforth Who is visiting your website? Do you know? Or perhaps the more important question is who is visiting your website but leaving without taking any action. Visitors may have many reasons for a quick visit to your site. But whatever the reason may be, the...

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How SEO Benefits Indianapolis Small Businesses

By Brad Murray SEO has certainly taken the business world by storm. While it wasn’t even a thought for most businesses a decade or two ago, it is now an important consideration in any legitimate marketing strategy. The big players in any industry have teams of experts...

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