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So What is a Lead Generation Website?

By Wade Danforth Your website is only as good as the leads it can produce. When we meet with potential clients, we always start our conversation with the statement that we build lead generation websites. So what goes into a website that generates leads? That’s a great...

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One Audit You Shouldn’t Avoid

How You Could Benefit from a Marketing Audit It’s tax season and the last thing any business is looking for is an audit from the IRS.  IRS audits can be tedious, time-consuming, and sometimes costly.  In contrast, a marketing audit can help you better understand your...

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The Connection Between Website Coding and SEO

What do you know about computer coding?  Can you “speak” any programming languages?  You shouldn’t feel bad if you don’t know much about computer code, any more than you should feel bad that you don’t know much about neurosurgery.  Computer programming is a highly...

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First Things First: Marketing Questions to Consider

Many times when we begin to work on a website project, we stumble upon an unexpected issue.  We find there are some marketing questions that need to be answered to make the project successful.  The answers to these questions typically drive the information our clients...

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Timing is Everything…in Social Media

Our last few blogs have dealt with consistency and the necessity of being consistent in your social media marketing efforts.  We’ve looked at the importance of consistency in general and at consistency in content in particular.  Now we are going to discuss being...

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Consistent Social Media Management Part 2 Old

We previously looked at the importance of consistency in social media marketing.  Our last blog explained how being consistent in various ways can help you to accomplish the goals that you have. One important aspect of consistency is being consistent in your message. ...

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Consistent Social Media Marketing Part 1

  When you are thinking about your social media marketing strategy, a word that always comes up is ‘consistency.'  If you’ve done any research into this topic, you may encounter this word so often that you start to ignore it.  But you do this at your own peril! ...

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The Benefits of a Content Management System

Content management systems are a fairly recent invention.  A decade ago they just simply did not exist.  So if you have no idea what a content management system is, you are excused.  However, even if you do not at this moment know what a content management system,...

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Is It Important that Your Website is Mobile Responsive?

A mobile responsive website is one that is designed in such a way that it renders well on both mobile devices (such as tablets or smart phones) and traditional computers (such as desktops or laptops). In today’s mobile environment, we would say that it is definitely...

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Our Story

When I meet with clients or potential clients, I talk to them about the importance of telling their story. People usually like to hear a story – the trials, the triumphs, the successes, the failures. We learn from stories and can gain a deeper understanding through...

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Getting Customers to Adopt Your Product or Service

Marketing analysts have continually studied the behavior of prospects and customers in an attempt to determine the best way to get from awareness to adoption – that is, from first hearing about your product to purchase. One widely established model is the AIETA model....

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Three Near-Fatal Branding Mistakes for Small Business

During my 19 years working in marketing I have seen numerous companies make a variety of branding mistakes. Those mistakes usually fall into three main categories which I’ve outlined below. 1. Choosing to Brand Later Rather than Now Your brand exists in the minds of...

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