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A chat window for your website is a big step. It represents a move towards modernization, adapts to the way your clients most like to communicate, and shows that you are a company with a mind for service. However, chat windows can also present a danger if not properly implemented or managed. Here are a few tips and guidelines to keep in mind if you plan to seize the power of chat for yourself.

Designate Responsibility

Chat is designed to be timely. In order to ensure that customers don’t experience delays that turn them away, make sure someone is specifically designated to take charge of the chat window. This person needs to be available consistently while the chat window is open, and a plan should be made for coverage while they may be working on other tasks. Using chat bots may be a way to supplement the chat manager in their responsibilities, but they cannot serve as a replacement. A mobile app is also helpful to manage chat from places other than your desk.

Start Small

Chat can be a big step, and it isn’t right for every company out there. Because of this, it is good to start by testing the waters. Perhaps try a free service for chat before making an investment in a larger, expensive system to see how it works for you. Another way to try out chat is to open the chat window for a couple hours a few days a week, rather than all the time straight off the bat. This allows your chat manager to experience their responsibilities and adjust if needed. You can experiment with moving this window to find the best time for chat in your business and plan ahead accordingly.

Plan Ahead

Chat should never be without a goal. Make sure that no matter who is managing your chat window, they are trained in how to optimize their time. Be aware that not every conversation will lead to sales or success. If a conversation is unproductive, don’t waste time with it. By beginning with the end goal in mind, you can ensure that your chat window is working exactly how your business needs it to.

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Expect Something in Return

Asking for a phone number or an email at the beginning of a chat can minimize junk and provide leads for future sales. Don’t be afraid to take this step to make sure your chat window is providing only productive conversations that will benefit your business.

Chat is a powerful way for your website to drive sales, if executed correctly. While it may seem overwhelming to make sure your website is always moving you towards success, it doesn’t have to be. Experts at Inspire Marketing can help you develop chat windows, along with other tools, to ensure your website is working for your business. To find out more about how to inspire your sales and marketing, visit Inspire Marketing.

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