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Many times when we begin to work on a website project, we stumble upon an unexpected issue.  We find there are some marketing questions that need to be answered to make the project successful.  The answers to these questions typically drive the information our clients want their customers to know.  As we work to formulate content and functional elements, having these questions unanswered can result in a delay in the progress of the website project while these issues find resolution.  Before beginning a website project, or for that matter, any marketing project, a wise approach is to answer the following questions before beginning.

Who Are We?

You don’t have to be disoriented to be unsure of who your business really is.  But this kind of self-unawareness is truly problematic.  If you don’t know who you are, you can’t communicate your identity to your potential customers.  As your cornerstone online marketing piece, your website needs to showcase all the facets of who your business is.  Thus, before work begins, you want to be sure that you have a brand image and messages to clearly communicate this image.   The answer to this question will influence not only your content, but also your tone and style.

What Do We Do?

This may make you giggle a bit because of course you know what you’re selling, right?  Well, I’m not talking about whether you know the specific item you are selling.  I’m talking more about what features you are emphasizing.  What are the aspects that you want to draw attention to?  Also, which of your products do you see as your ‘star’ versus your ‘supporting cast?’  Maybe there are some products that you are willing to sell for a lower margin because they fit into a longer-term strategy.

Who Are We For?

Or another way to say it, who’s our customer? Also important is a thorough knowledge of who your customer is.  What will the typical person who buys your product or service be like?  Demographics are a component of this as well as buying habits and preferences.  There are many psychographic and sociographic elements that make up a customer’s profile.  Having an understanding of who has bought from you can help you to identify who else might buy from you.

Where Is Our Place in the Market?

Finally, you need to know where you fit in among your competitors.  Are you the only game in town or are you entering an already saturated market?  Does your product have a clear advantage over other available products?  There may be direct competitors as well as indirect competitors.  Knowing your place will allow you to make the most of your position.

You may not want to take the time necessary to fully develop the answers to these questions.  However, ultimately, you will have a better website and be a better marketing organization if you do.  These answers typically do not change that much over time so once you’re done, you can use the work you’ve put into finding these answers to make not just your website, but all your marketing endeavors, successful!

Inspire Marketing can not only help with your website project but we can also help you outline your answers to the questions above.  Our approach takes your answers and transitions them into benefit-oriented marketing statements that can be used by your marketing and sales staff so that they can better communicate to your customers.  If you would like to discuss how that looks, call Wade at 317.683.7578 x707 to schedule a no-obligation marketing consultation.

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