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Creating a store where it is easier to buy.

A Taste of Indiana is a family-run, local business that has operated in Indianapolis for the past 22 years. They specialize in custom and premade baskets, boxes, and bags that feature items made by local vendors producing authentic Indiana goods.

Looking for Online Efficiency

In the past, A Taste of Indiana’s customers struggled with website navigation that hindered their ability to complete online orders. This forced customers to abandon their online purchase and call and place a phone order, which is less efficient and more expensive. Presumably, some frustrated customers abandoned their sale altogether.

Because of the products they carry, many of their customers purchase the baskets, boxes, or bags as gifts for multiple people. This presented another problem for A Taste of Indiana customers because the website did not have an effective online ordering process to ship a single order to multiple addresses. Looking to make their business more successful, A Taste of Indiana hired Inspire Marketing in late 2018 to build a new website and online store in order to make their online ordering process more efficient and easier for customers to use. For the past ten years, Inspire Marketing has helped companies accelerate and increase their sales opportunities using their website and online marketing strategies.

“Because of Inspire Marketing’s hard work on our new website, we received 248 more Internet orders in 2019 than in 2018,” said Eleanor Kolbus, owner of A Taste of Indiana. As the figure below demonstrates, the ability to effectively sell online became even more important in 2020.

The Need for a User-Friendly Site

A Taste of Indiana’s website lacked user-friendly aspects that made it difficult for customers to complete online orders without having to directly call and place a phone order. This led to a loss in repeat customers, decreased purchase frequency, and lowered their average order value. Their website also lacked an easy way for customers to ship a single order to multiple addresses.

Directing Shoppers to the Store

Inspire Marketing designed a new website with top-level navigation and usability that placed a focus on A Taste of Indiana’s online store. By making their online store the main part of their website menu and using hierarchy, customers can now clearly look for what they are trying to find and place orders. Their website also allows them to easily ship their customers’ orders to multiple addresses.

Enjoying the Results

Inspire Marketing was able to build A Taste of Indiana a website which ranks higher on search engine result pages, provides their business a higher level of credibility, and has allowed them to increase online sales.  From 2018 to 2019, their year-over-year online sales for the Christmas holiday season increased by 67%.  During that time, the team at A Taste of Indiana did not receive one phone call asking to place a phone order because customers could not “figure out their website.”

“Overall, our goal was to provide A Taste of Indiana with a cleaner-looking, graphically pleasing site that quickly allowed shoppers to make their buying decisions and have an easy check-out process,” said Brad Murray, Co-Owner of Inspire Marketing, “We believe that the results Mark and Eleanor have seen speak for themselves.” You can see the result yourself by visiting

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