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Coronavirus has certainly changed life in many ways.  Our days now seem to focus on washing our hands, keeping our distance, and making sure that we have enough milk, bread, and toilet paper for another day.  But what about all the businesses out there that still have goods to sell – goods that people still want to buy with no way to get them.  Having an online store can change all that!  Many people dismiss the idea of setting up an e-commerce website because they think it is too expensive, too time-consuming, or too complicated.  Especially at a time like this, people may think that it’s not feasible to launch a new online sales venture.  But we can assure you that this is a great time to start selling online, and we can show you how!

Online Sales Is a Smart Investment

E-commerce represents a new way of doing business.  Utilizing innovative technology to bring merchandise or services to the at-home consumer, e-commerce or online ordering is not a prohibitively expensive tool to put into place.  In comparison to the investment it takes to get a brick and mortar store up and running, e-commerce is much easier and less expensive to get going.  We offer simplified solutions for businesses that don’t need all the bells and whistles, and we also have a streamlined process that keeps costs down for all our customers.  We can often provide an online sales solution for much less than people would guess.

E-Commerce Can Be Done Quickly

Another obstacle to implementing e-commerce for some is the time factor.  Obviously, many business owners wish that they had e-commerce up and ready to go right now.  We don’t have a time machine to send you back to 2019 so you could start an e-commerce project with us, but we can act fast to get your e-commerce going now.  While a full e-commerce website takes some time to get up and running, we have strategies for significantly reducing that time.  We also have simpler online sales solutions that can be more quickly implemented if your business does not require a complete e-commerece system but could still benefit from selling online.  The bottom line is that we will work with businesses to get some kind of online operation up as quickly as we can.

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A Range of Online Sales Solutions

As we talk about selling online, we often use terms like e-commerce and online sales interchangeably, but there are a couple of different options available that will differ in terms of the time and cost of setting them up. E-commerce is the most complex solution and refers to creating an entire online store with WooCommerce. But we also offer some simpler options for online sales, online payment, and online ordering.  If you think going online would help your business but you don’t really know how, that’s fine.  Visit our website or call us at 317.220.6005 ext 704.  We’re the experts – we will help you figure out a plan that works for you.

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