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How You Could Benefit from a Marketing Audit

It’s tax season and the last thing any business is looking for is an audit from the IRS.  IRS audits can be tedious, time-consuming, and sometimes costly.  In contrast, a marketing audit can help you better understand your marketing results and improve on them.  A marketing audit can give you a clearer picture of where your marketing efforts are at and a better idea of where to take them.

What Does a Marketing Audit Do?

A marketing audit helps you assess your current marketing activity.  What kind of marketing are you doing?  Is it working for you?  Have your goals changed?  Has the market changed?  A marketing audit tells you what’s working and what isn’t.  A marketing audit functions as a map to direct your marketing activity.  Taking time to evaluate your aging marketing plan or campaign and identifying weaknesses can help you avoid costly detours or time spent trying to find your way back to the main road.

How Can a Marketing Audit Help?

Your marketing efforts will run more productively with some basic maintenance.  A marketing audit will check for inefficiencies and help you to address them before you experience real damage under the hood of your marketing engine.  A marketing audit gives you an opportunity to take a look at what is going on, both in your business and in the market in which you operate.  By looking at potential pitfalls that exist internally and externally, you can swerve in time to safely avoid the proverbial accident and ensure you are on the right path moving forward.

Why Should I Complete a Marketing Audit?

Peter Drucker famously said, “What gets measured gets done.”  Measuring the time it takes to serve customers in a coffee drive-thru can help a coffee chain improve customer service.  Measuring the number of work place accidents can improve employee safety.  The same is true with your marketing.  By measuring your marketing efforts, you can improve upon your efforts, and a marketing audit is a great place to start.

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If you have a sneaking suspicion that you need to take a step forward with your marketing, it might be time for a marketing audit.  Call us at 317.683.7578 or send us an email at to schedule an appointment with our online marketing team.

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