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Federated Bank has been one of Inspire Marketing’s longest tenured clients, helping them  accelerate and increase their sales opportunities using their website and online marketing strategies for almost 10 years. Federated Bank is a community bank with four locations in East Central Illinois.  Located within an area with a strong agricultural industry, Federated Bank is growing by targeting mortgage lending and commercial and ag lending in the communities it serves. The website Federated Bank had been using was about 10 years old. They wanted a new site that would reflect its 100-plus-year history while increasing website accessibility, looking more modern, and communicating their experience, professionalism, and competence.

Creating a More User-Friendly Experience

Not only did Federated Bank need a modern website, but they also needed an accessible website. Because of their locations, they have a large Spanish-speaking customer base. Federated Bank needed a website that would allow their Spanish-speaking customers to be able to access website tools and products in Spanish. Additionally, the bank wanted to ensure that the site overcame obstacles that are common to users with handicaps or limitations.

Reaching Spanish Speakers

Inspire Marketing built a toggle switch that allows website users to view content in English or a translation of the content in Spanish. The translated content was placed directly on the website, avoiding the use of a generic translate plugin, which may not reliably translate technical content. Thus, their Spanish-speaking customers receive a more direct and accurate translation. Implementing the toggle switch allowed Federated Bank an opportunity to target and more deeply penetrate the growing Hispanic population with its products and services.

Increasing Website Accessibility

While there are recommended website accessibility guidelines, published standards are not required by any governing regulating body to ensure that a website is accessible to all users, regardless of handicap or limitation. With that in mind, Inspire Marketing followed guidelines outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. We paid attention to the use of visual cues such as colors, highlights, animations, and the legibility of text size and font. Additionally, the language was kept simple and navigational elements were clearly indicated. We also added an optional software plugin whereby users can have the page read to them, change the contrast of the website, increase the spacing between the text, and select more legible fonts.

Building More Credibility

Federated Bank wanted a professional website that made them appear as a much larger bank. To do this, Inspire Marketing designed a website that uses numerous images to highlight products and services and by using headlines that leverage the depth of Federated Bank’s experience. The new website not only helped them display credibility among customers, but it also allowed them to back up their claims and experience of being able to deliver the same services as a larger bank while still providing the friendly, helpful service of a community bank. This additionally reinforces Federated Bank’s mission: “We are big enough to serve you, yet small enough to know you.”

Seeing the Results

With an updated website and a more professional look, Federated Bank has been able to compete with larger banks for business. By overcoming language challenges and other accessibility obstacles, Federated Bank can better serve its customers and market.

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