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During my 19 years working in marketing I have seen numerous companies make a variety of branding mistakes. Those mistakes usually fall into three main categories which I’ve outlined below.

1. Choosing to Brand Later Rather than Now

Your brand exists in the minds of your customers. They will “brand” you whether you do anything or not. That’s why it is important to brand yourself before your customers brand you.


2. Failing to Realize the Importance of Your Brand

If you don’t provide a stable foundation for your small business’s brand:

    • It will be harder to penetrate the market
    • It will cost you more to penetrate the market
    • It will take more time to manage your brand
    • Your brand will have a shorter life


3. Developing Tactics before Strategies

In an attempt to quickly get to market, it is tempting to develop tactics like brochures, web sites, and sales tools before, or in place of, giving thought to creating the right strategies, a compelling position, an accurate identity, and key messages for the brand.

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The Smart Way to Spend Your Marketing Budget

To create a winning brand, it is important to effectively allocate resources. You need to know where you spend your marketing dollars, how much to spend, and most importantly why you should spend. inspire marketing can help you deploy your resources efficiently and effectively.

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